Alright, so I use those cheap-o cans of shaving cream for various shaving adventures in my shower. However, they leave these rings on my shower shelves and that crap is pretty annoying to try to remove.

So like any good redneck, I came up with a way to fix that… with duct tape.

For this project you will need:

  • Duct Tape
  • Metal can of shaving cream

Barbasol-Skin-Conditioning-Shaving-CreamDuct Tape

  1. Tear off a big enough strip/strips of duct tape to cover bottom of can.
  2. Cover bottom of can with duct tape!

Voilà! No more crappy rust stain on your shower shelves or tub edge! The tape eventually gets kind of water logged, but usually by this point, it’s time to toss it out anyway.

As my favorite Nerdist Chris Hardwick says; Enjoy your burrito.


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