Living in Ohio gives you a greater appreciation for living things. No, really… I mean REALLY living COLORFUL things. Like grass, trees, flowers… And after an especially terrible winter season this year, my husband and I have experienced our first bout of cabin fever. Mainly brought on by staring at all of the beige/brown in my house.

The day after a fantastic Valentines day, we were sitting watching the Olympics on TV and I really realized how much I was really beginning to loathe my house.

Which is sad, because our home is cute as a button! It’s a perfect starter home in an adorable established safe suburban neighborhood! But… since it was newly remodeled when we moved in, it felt wasteful and silly to re-do anything. And it was the nicest place we’d ever lived in. So we have been living with the previous owner’s color choice of boring dead-as-winter-brown-EVERYTHING. Brown carpet, brown walls, brown counters, brown (bronze) fixtures, brown floor tiles… The only hint of color in the house was their daughter’s hideous pink and green ballerina bedroom, complete with “grandma’s mauve” carpet. Blech. Don’t get me wrong, brown is a lovely color. It used to be one of my favorite colors. And neutrals have been very popular for home decor in the past several years. I’m just so bored of it in my house!

Over the past 7 years of not knowing what our style was and not being financially able to make any major changes, we’ve been living in their house, not ours! Yeah, it has our stuff in it, but nothing really “fits”, other than the fact that our furniture was also brown. Sigh.

So I’m going to make a change. Hopefully lots of them! And I also hope with me posting this for God and everyone to see, it will hold me accountable and make me really do this!

I am going to make 2014 my bitch.

I have a huge laundry list of things I WANT to do to this house, but I am going to start simply with the living room. Which is the main space of my house, the first thing you see when you walk in the door, and the thing you’d see if you were standing on the sidewalk in front of my house and staring in my windows. (Creeper!)

So I hope to:

  • Paint walls (very pale grey or robin’s egg blue)
  • New white slip covers on my couch and chair
  • New window treatments
  • New media cabinet to store all our dvds, cds and video game cases and our xbox
  • Install maple laminate wood flooring
  • Build a photo collage down my hallway
  • Purchase a new fun & funky area rug
  • Paint our fireplace mantle to match our new color palette
  • Add a few fun accents to bring everything together
    (So the things that have a line through them, we have already accomplished in the couple of days since we’ve decided to get rolling!)

Starting off with PAINTING!
We both agree that this is going to give us the biggest result and feel that it will probably give us some major motivation to start doing the other little projects we’d like to get done in and around the house!

  • Monday night we pulled out all our painting gear we already have and made a list of the things we still need. We watched some videos about cutting in and read articles with some tips and techniques from pros to get us prepared. (Yes, we’ve painted before, but it’s always been a huge pain and took forever… we’re trying to minimize the pain and the time!)
  • Tuesday (tonight) we’ll be going and purchasing the missing things on our list and the paint! We hope to get the dents and dings and random holes patched with plaster tonight so we can sand them tomorrow!
  • Wednesday sanding down the plastered spots, then covering and moving the furniture away from the walls and probably pulling off outlet covers because I don’t know how well I trust my cutting-in skills yet.
  • Thursday the temperature here is supposed to be near 60, so probably the best day to crack some windows and get painting!
  • Friday we’ll touch up any spots and hopefully get the furniture moved back and everything put back together so we have the weekend to enjoy our new digs!

So hopefully this is the beginning of transforming our house from feeling like we’re six feet under living in all that brown into a fun place to kick off our shoes and relax at the end of the day among the living!

Maybe I’ll post some before/after shots here soon!


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