The painting prep at Casa de Awesomesauce officially began last night.

Tuesday we ran around Lowes for 2 hours, picking up last minute items and paint. And even though I went in with complete certainty that I had picked THE color for my living room (the one that I will have to live with for several years to come, because I hate painting) for whatever reason, as soon as I got to the aisle with all those paint swatches, my heart began to palpitate and my palms began to sweat. I hate making decisions.

Do we go with the gray? Which would more seamlessly go with our existing brown carpet. Even though the brown carpet is on it’s last leg and if financially capable, we’d like to replace in the near future with light maple laminate. The gray would also meld better with the currently brown kitchen, the green spare bedroom, the navy “closet room”, the sky blue bathroom, and the brown cheetah bedroom (the previous lady of the house apparently enjoyed her feline friends to watch over her slumbers). But again, all of these rooms are on the painting chopping block. But I don’t want the place to look like a circus tent in the meantime!

On top of being completely incapable of making decisions, I am also impatient. Two very bad personality traits for this type of project.
In the end, we went with “Meadow Mist”. It will brighten the cave-like atmosphere and we think it will look nice with the greys we eventually want to paint the kitchen, a few other rooms and the eventual maple floors.

Who chooses paints based on what their old crap looks like? Better question: Who has two thumbs and hates painting? THIS GUY!

On Wednesday night we took everything off the walls and pulled out all the nails/screws and patched all the old nail holes and dents/dings. But then came upon the realization the front wall in the living room had some old water damages due to THE OTHERS (I’m going to call the previous occupants that from now on) not caulking a hole they drilled in the front of the house where they ran power to a light post. Luckily, I felt a breeze shortly after we moved in there and caulked that puppy quickly! Unfortunately, Travis spent the better part of two hours cutting out a section of drywall around an outlet and repairing the previously mildewed section with new fresh drywall – twice, because the first piece broke 😦

photo 1
Good heavens does drywall make a mess!

Then there was the wall that divides the living room and the kitchen. It used to have a pass-through that THE OTHERS had “sealed” closed. I think my Boston Terrier could have done a better job. It seemed as though they had super glued the drywall into the space, then covered it with duct tape and then went over that with spackle, just for good measure, then painted over that without sanding the spackle down. Travis spent another 45 minutes sanding that to make it more flush. It’s not going to be perfect without tearing the damn thing out and redoing it correctly. Which is not something we are willing to do at this juncture. So we’re hoping with the little bit of sanding he did and the flat paint on it not bouncing any light off of it will hopefully do the trick. If not, maybe some new wall art there? We’re not aiming for Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous.

photo 2
This is the bastard pass through wall. The dark spot is the area that had to be sanded flush. The OTHERS must have really, REALLY liked brown, since underneath was yet another lovely shade of brown!

For TONIGHT, we had hoped to sand the patched spots down and get at least one coat of paint on the walls. But Wednesday we ended up realizing at exactly 9pm (the time Lowes and Home Depot close) that we needed drywall tape to repair a door-knob hole (oops! I will have to try to stop Jean-Claude-Van-Damme-ing the door in while carrying groceries) and the spot where Travis had to repair the mildewy spot.

You may be thinking: “Gee. This post sure sounds like Travis did all of the work!”

OK, so he did most of the “hard stuff”! But I did do all of the spackling while he was sanding, replacing and cursing the drywall. I was also the beer bringer. And I did do some other chores around the house including cleaning up my disaster area of a kitchen after making some homemade pasta sauce! But I have learned that my husband sure can put on his angry eyes when things get to Level-5-Disaster Status as a natural defense to avoid having a hammer thrown at me, the alarms in my head start going off “ABORT! ABORT!” At this point I generally duck into the kitchen to find food or beer to take to him as a sacrificial offering.

Ok so he’s never thrown a hammer at me… but you get the point!

But we got through all of it without injury! (Knock on wood!) We’ll be picking up the tape today and getting that squared away first thing tonight when we get home. So then MAYBE we can get a wall or two painted. But I won’t hold my breath. It’s no big deal, we’re not on any sort of time crunch. I want to make this as pain-free as possible and in my experience, putting a strict deadline on something is the best way to suck the fun out of it.

But, I mean, I want to get it done sometime this year


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