So we didn’t get to paint again last night. Sigh.

See?! This is why I don’t ever start any home projects, because I know what is supposed to take only a few hours, always ends up taking weeks! We’ve been eating dinner in our bedroom every night. It’s been kind of fun actually. We have a finished basement where we could eat sitting at a table or on a couch or recliner, but then I couldn’t watch my Olympics since we don’t have cable downstairs.

Long story short, we encountered a few more speedbumps as we were prepping for painting. We forgot about a small square of drywall behind our couch where we had cut a hole in the wall to access the electrical wires in the wall. Nearly three years ago, Travis had just cut a 5 inch square out and since we didn’t have drywall tape or mud, we just thought it would be OK to just duct tape it back on the wall. True story. You should see what we can do with zip ties!

After the few parts we had to drywall tape were finished, we kept finding random dents and dings everywhere that needed filled/leveled off that we missed the first go around. NOTE: Do not let your 70 lb dog “butt-tuck run” through your house at 50 and leap onto your rocker recliner to springboard himself off of it, you know, just for fun.

Hall Peel
Oh look, more brown…

Once we got the patching done, I sanded last night’s patches then proceeded to wash the walls with a bucket of warm water with about a tablespoon of dish soap and a cup of white vinegar. This cleaned the walls so well, I was stunned! We are apparently some old dirty bastards! It worked so well in fact, that it started peeling the paint off the walls in the hallway. It was kind of like one of those cucumber facial peels! (I make my husband let me put those on him just so I can peel it off like a sunburn. I love it!) Well I really couldn’t help but start to pick at the peeling paint. It had to be done so it was nice and ready for new paint…

Except once it started, it didn’t stop. I ended up peeling nearly all of the paint off of our hallway wall. Double sigh.

Well it’s Friday and we had hoped to be done today. No worries though, you should always anticipate bumps in the road! And since it’s taking a little longer and making a huge mess all over the carpet, that we didn’t have drop cloths ready for, I’m hoping my husband will agree that it’s time to just go ahead and throw in the towel and spring for that new laminate!

I hate carpet almost as much as I hate painting!


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