The walls are a little barren, still have to put back up a few shelves, our clock etc. But here’s the kitchen buffet we got at World Market and are now using as a Media Cabinet!

After days and hours of blowing out our speakers listening to the iHeartRadio app on our XBOX, we finally finished painting the living room and hallway on Sunday evening! I’m sure our neighbors are relieved.

Yes, it took (what seemed like) forever, but keep in mind, we only painted after work which meant we’d come home around 7, get dinner and then paint for an hour or two before bed. Anyway, who cares how long it took, it’s all done now! For now. Now I just plan to go over a few random spots of trim to clean up some random scuffs and stains here and there. Not to mention the red smears all over our woodwork in our hallway from the bright red lawnmower box we have cut a cat-size hole through to use as a baby gate because our cat is simple and can’t jump over a real baby gate… and will make the most horrific noises if we shut her out of our bedroom at night. She apparently gets lonely…

So here’s the damage we’ve done to THE LIST:

  • Paint walls (very pale grey or robin’s egg blue)
  • New white slip covers on my couch and chair
  • New window treatments
  • New media cabinet to store all our dvds, cds and video game cases and our xbox
  • Install a new Nest thermostat to help us save on our energy bills.
  • Purchase a new fun & funky area rug <— Got a super cool one made out of recycled plastic bottles!
  • Install maple laminate wood flooring <— This may take a while to accomplish and will be the most expensive item on our list.
  • Build a photo collage down my hallway <—- Work in progress! Getting frames at Flower Factory this weekend!
  • Paint our fireplace mantle to match our new color palette <— Haven’t decided on a color yet!
  • Add a few fun accents to bring everything together <— Work in progress! Got a couple fun things at World Market & Pier One this past weekend!

Next we’re going to move on to our bathroom!

  • Painting! Light gray – which we think will go awesome with our Kraken shower curtain! (My husband is pretty into the Kraken & while we both feel like we’re grown ups now, we still want our house to feel like our house. Which means we have to put a little humor into it!)
  • Install this new, but old-school nautical ship anchor towel ring I picked up online for $5 with free shipping!
  • Make this DIY Rope Shelf we’re going to take a stab at to replace the 2 boring glass shelves over our toilet.
  • Repaint the white wainscoting and recaulk everything to freshen it up!
  • Repaint our current water-stained wood-tone brown bathroom vanity a nice glossy black and use some sort of sealant since water gets on the edges easily.
  • Eventually down the road – pull up the brown tile and lay maybe slate or something similar in gray so it will be more universal & will go with just about any color!

After the bathroom, we’re hoping to move onto the kitchen, where we’re not completely sure of all the details of things we’ll do in there. We know for sure we’re painting the walls and wainscoting and will eventually be doing the same flooring that goes in the living room so it will be seamless between the two rooms.


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