“This week for the 40 bags thing, we can can go in the master bedroom and clean up some of the clutter and I’ll get the lawnmower out of there.”

This statement was made in a real conversation I had with my husband this weekend. I promise, we’re not hoarders. We’re just organizationally and storage space challenged.

You see…

  • We don’t have a garage.
  • Our attic is inaccessible (the opening is 9 inch square hole inside a closet 8 inches from the top shelf of the closet… so unless you’re a flexible Ethiopian child storing shoe boxes, the attic is pretty useless).
  • Our crawl space is gravel bottomed and is sometimes damp in the summer. (It is also scary, like Kevin Bacon digging up people in Stir of Echoes scary.) But we do store some stuff in plastic bins on top of wood pallets. Travis does all of that… because I don’t think he’s ever seen that movie.
  • Our shed is like 10 ft square and is currently filled to the ceiling with power tools, lawn care stuff, lawn furniture, our two bicycles, a wheelbarrow, and sometimes our motorcycle.
  • Our master bedroom doesn’t have a closet.

So unfortunately, our master bedroom has turned into a storage area over the last year, specifically for things that can’t go/fit in the crawl space or the shed, as we’ve started purging (last summer we took 18 bags of crap to the thrift store!) We don’t sleep in the MBR anyway because we hate the mattress. We sleep in our spare bedroom. I like that room better anyway because it’s been repainted and is brighter and doesn’t have cheetah print border leftover from THE OTHERS. Blech. It did however, have ballerinas which we painted over. They always made me want to sing “Hold me closer Tiny Dancer/Tony Danza!”

When I bought my husband a much-needed new lawnmower for Christmas, I didn’t think about where it would have to live until we got out to the shed and did some rearranging and got the old one out of there. So this week we’re going to take advantage of the nice weather (62 today and 65 tomorrow!) and take a couple of days to get out of the house and escape the paint fumes and work in the shed and get that situation addressed so we don’t have a lawnmower living in my master bedroom!

Jordan Coat
Jordan seems to feel rather heartfelt about HIS brown corduroy jacket too. I also still have several of my Angela Chase flannels that I will NEVER part with! They’re my camping/fishing flannels now!

For the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge, we didn’t participate Friday or Saturday. I felt that since we got rid of 5 huge trash bags on Thursday, that would cover Friday’s bag/s. Then since you’re “allowed to rest” on Sunday, we went last night and cleaned out our living room coat closet to make up for Saturday. Got 2 bags out of that! So our grand total is 7 bags in 5 days! That’s pretty awesome, I think! However I did feel slightly sentimental about parting with my My So Called Life Jordan Catalano corduroy jacket. Which was traumatizing, but made possible by some weird wax stuff on the collar that I was pretty sure I couldn’t remove. 😦

So farewell to one of the last items of my 90’s youth! I don’t need it! Chucking out crap from the 90’s is going to give me fewer headaches in the 10’s… wait, how do you say that? Did they say the 10’s in the 1910’s? I will have to Google that. REGARDLESS, progress is being made!

40 day challenge


2 thoughts on “Conversations I never thought I’d have

  1. I have seen Stir of Echoes… that’s not what scares me… I’ve also seen Arachnophobia… I’d rather face off against a corpse in the basement over a horde of killer spiders any day!


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