Goodbye Trash
It really doesn’t look like a lot from this angle, but you can’t see the other half of the crap on the back side! Also note part of Travis’ recliner on the right – I can’t believe I talked him into getting rid of that piece of crap! Men really are attached to their recliners. I always thought that was just a thing people said…

Ok, so over the last week we kind of slacked off on the whole 40 bag challenge thing… BUT ONLY because I knew we were going to do some major damage from cleaning out the shed, which we started on Saturday. And if I would have bagged that stuff up, I would say that we were for sure wayyy past the 40 bag mark!

We put everything on our curb last night for bulk pick-up. I will admit I was a little creeped out by the fact that multiple people pulled up throughout the night and started rummaging through the piles of crap in the dark. I realize “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, but I promise there was no treasure in that pile. It was a lot of broken glass and heaps of cardboard that we were in an epic battle with trying to break it down and shove as much as we could into the already overflowing recycle bin each week. (I couldn’t just put it in the trash! It’s recyclable!) Cardboard at my house was like a miserable disease that would never go away!

Well, we got the upper hand last night. We deep sixed that cardboard…

And I’m giving Travis all the credit for the shed (I just helped chop up boxes and carry crap to the curb). That little feller worked his ass off for nearly 5 days straight to get the shed in tip-top shape. He’s gotten a lot of new man-gear lately that he’s chomping at the bit to get organized. We’ll put it to good use in a few weeks to make some pallet furniture and a couple of raised garden boxes for a salsa garden we started seed for this weekend!

I also recently became a member of Columbus’ Tool Library! I am super stoked to give that a shot sometime soon. It is exactly what it sounds like! A place to rent tools and equipment for free! All you have to do is call in or visit and put in a request for whatever item you’d like to borrow. Then you just use it and return it the next day. So whatever stuff Travis hasn’t already wrangled up, we can borrow. Boom!

40 day challengeSo to wrap it all up, I guess I’m going to say we’re at the 25 bags of crap mark. I think technically we could call it quits at this point because we really have done more than 40 bags, but I think it’s fun and I wanted to keep it going. I still have to go through a couple more rooms and I want to keep up the momentum.

Oh and Happy (early) First Day of Spring! Tomorrow is the first day of SPRING! I am not sure how you could not be excited about that! My sisters both texted me last night and told me they could hear spring peepers! It has been a loooong and miserable winter and that is a glorious sound to hear this time of year!


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