40 day challenge

Over the weekend we went, pardon the expression, balls to the walls, and got rid of some big items that had been lurking around the house for years and never really had purpose or a home. In the purging we managed to make a little cash too!

We managed to purge:

  • My corner desk from college that hadn’t been used as a desk for 5+ years. It was actually being used as an over-sized night stand. A little overkill, I know. That’s why it’s done-zo! Sold that monstrosity for $20.
  • A manual treadmill I bought a few years ago that I immediately decided I hated. Walking on it was like pushing 50 shopping carts full of cement uphill. I tried to recoup the $75 I spent on it on Craigslist by reposting it at the same price a few years ago. After the listing expired twice, I decided to drop the listing to $40. It walked out the door Saturday!
  • Travis’ drum set! Thank heavens! That damn thing has lived in our basement living area, in our crawl space, at a friend’s house… it was time for those things to go. We both posted listings and raced to see who could get rid of them faster… some sucker fell for his story of  “My wife, the ruiner of my dreams to one day be Tommy Lee is forcing me to get rid of my set…” We got $125.00 for them!
  • Our king size mattress set. The one in our master bedroom, it’s only a few years old. But we got it at some bargain outlet crap-hole and after a few months of sleeping on it we both were waking up in the morning feeling like we were 75 years old. The pillow top just isn’t supportive enough for us apparently. So we’ve been sleeping in our guest bedroom on and off for several years now. So since we’re not using the king set, we decided to donate it to the Columbus Furniture Bank. They will come pick it up for free and it will go to a family or person who is on hard times and can’t afford a bed! Which is pretty awesome for us and for them!
  • My car… Yes… I would assume not many people oust a vehicle during the 40 Day challenge. Travis hit a deer in it in November 2012. Since then we’ve been slowly replacing the damaged parts with used parts from Pick N Pull, our local car parts scrap yard… Well two weeks ago, I got a letter from the state requiring proof of insurance on it. Luckily it was still considered inoperable so I wasn’t required to cover insurance on it. But I still had to jump through a LOT of hoops to acquire proof of it’s inoperability. In the end they accepted and did not require insurance, but it was just the final straw for me with that car. It had been wrecked 3 times and stolen from me at gun-point (yes, true story!)… this car was kind of bad ju-ju for me. I had a lot of great memories attached to it as well, with some amazing road trips etc. But Travis and I both have another car now so it was just sitting in the driveway. We put an ad up for it as well and it was gone by Saturday!

So there are a few more odds and ends laying around that we think we can probably sell or donate, but this was a pretty big start. Plus all the proceeds we made from selling our junk we plan to use to buy a new NOT CRAP-TASTIC bed and possibly that new laminate flooring I’ve been dreaming about for so long now!

So we counted a few more bags for all our hard work over the weekend. We still have a few more areas of the house we’re going to address, so I didn’t want to finish the challenge yet. This 40 Bags in 40 Days thing has been a pretty awesome challenge. I don’t know why we didn’t just do it ourselves before! Better late than never.


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