40 day challenge

The 40 bag challenge has finally drawn to an end. It has been a whirlwind month+!

Even though we have sort of slowed down the progress at the humble abode, we hit the ground running at the beginning of this challenge and worked really, really hard to get some clutter cleaned up and out of our lives for forever!

We are by no means done “decrapifying” our house. There is still a master bedroom to contend with and a basement that is slowly creeping towards the crappy side, but if you’ll look at all the stuff we got rid of, I think we did pretty damn good myself!

Here’s the grand total of crap removal:

  1. Desk
  2. Treadmill
  3. Drum set
  4. King size mattress, box springs and frame
  5. A CAR!
  6. Lawn mower
  7. Weed whacker
  8. An older programmable thermostat
  9. Xbox Kinect (we used it a grand total of one time in the year+ we had it. And the weird shadows creeped me out!)
  10. 13 JUMBO contractor sized bags of clothing and shoes & coats (donated to Goodwill)
  11. 2 large boxes of misc stuff
  12. 3 pieces of “house ware” (I forget what they were, that’s all that’s marked on my Goodwill receipt)
  13. And this HUGE pile of crap that came out of the shed that went to bulk pickup. Coolers, a recliner, vanity mirrors, broke tvs, vacuum, carpet cleaner… etc.

Goodbye Trash


I think this was a success and will for sure be doing this again! Mad props to Ann Marie over at White House Black Shutters who inspired me to jump on the band wagon this year. Can’t wait til 2015’s 40 bags!

Until next year, remember!

  • You don’t need all of this stuff!
  • It won’t make you happier!
  • Your home should not make you feel overwhelmed or stressed!

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