As you may have seen on Facebook, we are now proud owners of a camper.

Although she has not made her maiden voyage with us yet (technically), she has been dubbed: Hell On Wheels.

She’s 1988 Prowler Lynx 26 ft Travel Trailer. And she’s a beaut! She’s a little dated, but her bones are nice and sturdy. She might need a few coats of paint, new upholstery and curtains, but that’s nothing that will break the bank and can probably easily be done in a weekend or two.

I don’t have pictures of ours yet, but found lots of pics online of other people’s. I’d like to remind you that she’s nearly 30 years old and my-oh-my weren’t the 80’s a sexy time!


The outside front. The big rectangley thing under “Lynx” flips up and makes an awning over the window behind it.


The view when you first step in the front door. Dinette to the left, kitchenette straight ahead (complete with fridge, stove, oven, sink and microwave) and the jackknife sofa to the right.


The view when standing in the bathroom. The front door is there on the right between the jackknife sofa and the dinette. The window behind the sofa is the front window with the awning.


The view from the bedroom exterior door. Having another door in the bedroom will be nice for when we camp with dogs and other people. We won’t have to clamber through the front of the camper to bang around letting dogs out, or trying to get outside.


Like I said, I think ours is in a little better shape. Our still has the refrig (it’s torn out beside the stove in the 2nd picture) and it looks really new. This is the rig we took on our Annual Memorial Day Camping Extravaganza in 2013 and aside from a tiny leak in the front, she held up fantastically. But not including the fact that the back door blew off the hinges. BUT we fixed that already! G2G!

Yes… so this will be the next project. We have lost steam in the house while we’ve been going through some occupational challenges lately. But we’re both super eager to get this lady on the road so we can enjoy some time OUT of the house this summer.

I have even started mapping out a Campground Bucket List on Pinterest based on some cool looking parks I’ve always wanted to check out and some recommendations made by some folks in a camping forum I visit. We already have just about everything else we’d need since we’ve been camping for 10+ years already and we’ve had a pop up camper before. Plus I’ve been squirreling away odds and ends for years for the eventual day that we got another camper. Things like pots and pans, baking sheets, a spare coffee pot etc. Things that will live forever in the camper. Not to mention I can get the 4 huge rubbermaid totes out of my closet room now full of camping crap. I can put all of that stuff in it’s forever home in the camper!

We’re just praying that this won’t turn into another misadventure like the boat and our first motorcycle was. But those are a story for another time!

Let the adventures begin!


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