Damn, look at that calendar, July is almost over! Where has this summer gone?

I had meant to post an update on our St. Augustine trip back in June with photos etc., but my husband dropped our camera in the Atlantic Ocean… I’m sure it’s in Bermuda by now after that Hurricane (or was it just a tropical storm?) blew through.

Since I don’t have a lot of photos* to illustrate our trip… Our trip in a nutshell:

  1. We learned not to ever use Budget rental cars ever again! Ugh.
  2. Discovered that Florida drivers are NUTS. And that you will sit at a traffic light for 3-5 minutes. AND that there are a LOT of toll booths! We went through 5 tolls in about 20 miles!

    Phantom Tollbooth
    Does anyone else remember the movie “The Phantom Tollbooth”? Travis has never heard of it! I loved that movie, it was illustrated by the same guy who did all the Dr. Seuss stuff, no?
  3. Experienced Florida’s summer heat! Most days we were there, the mercury soared to 100! Throw in that 98% humidity and you have the perfect recipe for swamp ass! How did people live in that before air conditioning?!
  4. OUR FAVORITE PART: We swam in the fresh water springs at  Salt Springs in the middle of the Ocala Forest! It was kind of amazing. We had tons of video and photos on our camera… but sadly, those are gone to the sands of time. We loved the springs so much, that we vowed to return to FL and have a spring-hop vacation and visit as many as we can in one week! There are also some really awesome videos of the vents in the springs on YouTube! Here’s one of them.
  5. Drank from Ponce De Leon’s Fountain of Youth!
  6. Saw an exact replica of Michelangelo’s David.
    Travis & David
    Hidden in a hedge row because in 2014, the world is still not ready to see a 17 foot tall man’s penis. Travis, however is!

  7. We learned at a pirate shooting gallery that I’m a better shot with a rifle than Travis is!

    Shooting Gallery
    My score (500) on the left, Travis’ (425) on the right! Who do you want on your team in the Zombie/Pirate Apocalypse? Not that guy!
  8. Got stabbed by a pirate while viewing THE REAL One Eyed Willie prop from The Goonies, and got to see an original Jolly Roger flag (one of only two left in existence) at the St. Augustine Pirate and Treasure Museum.
  9. Visited Ripley’s Museum in St. Augustine (the first Ripley’s Museum!) – Saw mummified cats, licorice-made Freddy Kreuger, the Fiji Mermaid…
  10. Learned that we are most definitely Bed & Breakfast fans after we stayed at the beautiful Peace & Plenty Inn!

We had a great time, got to do a lot of touristy things, which is normally not our forte, but since we only had a little time to spend, we wanted to get the best bang for our buck and signed on for some cool tours (like Ripley’s Ghost Train Tour) and rode the Red Train the whole time we were there because it was just so convenient.

The only thing we were disappointed about was the food! We thought with a place older than New Orleans, with Spanish roots (we love us some Spanish noms) and and a direct line to fresh seafood… how could it NOT be a mecca of delicious dishes?! The best meal we had (other than our AMAZING breakfasts at the B&B) was at the Chili’s at the airport in Jacksonville right before we left. Boo!

But still, if you ever get the chance to check out St. Augustine, do it!

*More photos on Facebook


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