We have not gotten much of anything done this summer on the house. Womp-womp! 😦

Not to be the excuse monster, but our funds haven’t been exactly liquid over the past few months due to the necessity in May to purchase a new washer & dryer after our 7 year old pair bit the dust.

We have also been saving our pennies for a new mattress! (In our 3 bedroom house we only have one mattress, which is a full size! We gave away our cheap lumpy king size, that broke our backs when we slept on it, in the 40 Bag Challenge that we wrote about here).

We also had a few plumbing issues (one being the leaky toilet we fixed pretty cheaply and wrote about here) and most recently we had a pipe leak in our basement. Or should I say all over our basement? We capped that sucker for now and will eventually get to fixing that. It’s a pipe that runs to our back porch faucet, which isn’t a huge necessity, but it would be nice for watering our tomato plants that are currently sucking up several gallons of high-quality H2O each day that we have to haul out from the kitchen in a pitcher! (Next year, I’d like to make a rain barrel!)

And last but not least, our dear pooch, Carli had a corneal ulcer which we had to treat.

I’m not complaining, I swear!

After having to buy a new washer & dryer the week we moved in because our old pair wouldn’t fit in the door, then the “new” refrigerator, air conditioner and the roof crapped out us at our house within the first 2 years, we learned and have come to peace with the fact that homeownership is like a f%#king box of chocolates, you just never know what you’re gonna get!

I just wanted to bring you up to speed on the current status of the fact that nothing is happening at ol’ Casa Awesomesauce! And not because I gave up!

BUT we DID get to do a bit of traveling this summer, which we both have vowed to do more of! (Read about our recent Florida extravaganza here!)

With all of that out of the way now, the hubster and I decided that we’re going to pick up the ball again and get rolling on our master bedroom next! We’d like to be in there by Labor Day, or at least by our FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY on September 20th! We’re hoping this will be like a big honkin’ anniversary present to ourselves!

The master bedroom is going to be the absolute hardest room in the house because in it’s current state, it is a storage room. And it just so happens to be the largest room in the freaking house. At least that room no longer houses our lawn mower (read about lawn mowers in my bedroom here!) So we’ll have to do a lot of sorting and organizing before we get down to replacing the flooring (which is an absolute must!) and painting over the African safari wall border. Let me see if I can Google it…


The picture isn’t it exactly, but it’s pretty darn close. Now let me put a disclaimer on this… I am sure with the right decor, this would be adorable! But it doesn’t exactly go with my color scheme.

unhip palette!
This is what I’m twerkin with! I made several of these palettes to help myself find stuff to go in each of our rooms. Since we don’t have a lot of cash to splurge up front, I pin things that I can pick up over time!

Which brings me around to Pinterest:

For any of you Pinterest-ers, I started a whole board HERE a while ago for our master bedroom!

I realize a million people pin a million things per day on Pinterest and unfortunately sometimes Pinterest is  the place where dreams and ideas go to die.

But I’ve realized for me (a self-diagnosed List Nazi!!), it’s an easy list-making tool when I’m out and about or online shopping and I find things that I love! I just pin them so that way I can go back later when I have the time or money and buy the item, or do some hard-core online scouring to find something similar on the cheap.

Heck, I even use Pinterest as a wish list! I pin things we need at home or things that I’d like (you know, for when holidays and birthdays roll around!) Travis swears it has made Christmas and Christmas shopping his “favorite thing in the world,” and that’s a pretty big deal coming from someone who was never really a fan of holiday celebrations and hates gift shopping!

But back to the board: On my Master Bedroom board, I made a palette (above). I did that with all of the rooms that we’re giving a facelift so I have something to go by to virtually build each room before I even pick up a paint brush or start droppin’ cash! I actually own that comforter! I snagged it at Target last year sometime and I’ve used it from the beginning to make my palette and find things that “go” with it but aren’t matchy-matchy. As my darling Sherry over at Young House Love has said before: “Matchy Matchy Tacky Tacky!”

SO… Like I said, with this room there is a lot to do, but no real time frame. Other than we would really like to move into that room by fall since it tends to be a bit cooler, and we love sleeping in a chilly room so we can burrow under big fluffy blankets with our dogs without sweating to death! It also has french doors that lead out onto our patio, which makes taking the dogs out to do “their business” in the night or in the morning much easier. Especially if we have house guests… Our dogs are “morning people” and tend to prance through the house early in the morning, which sounds a little bit like a bull in a china shop!

And we would really like to have more house guests, and moving back into our master bedroom would obviously free up the spare bedroom which we’ve been occupying!

Well that was a bit of a long-winded post! My apologies on that! Congratulations and thanks if you made it to the end!



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