Hi my name is Cassi and I’m a tea and soda addict.

Seriously… But about 3 years ago, I made the switch to diet, that’s a plus right?

I try not to have more than one can of soda a day, but my husband and I polish off a 3 quart pitcher of iced tea daily. I have tried many times to stop drinking soda completely, but kind of gave up on that for the past year or so while I was quitting smoking after my grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer. I was a smoker for 15 years and I have not had a cigarette since October 26, 2013. Now the smell of cigarette smoke makes me want to puke.

“Just drink caffeine-free!”

It doesn’t taste the same to me! If you can’t tell the difference, awesome! But I can! 😦 Especially in diet cola! It’s like comparing Kroger BIG K to Coke or Pepsi! Why not just drink water?!

So in an effort to get on the “healthy wagon” I am going to try yet another challenge throughout the month of October…

I think it was started by my OG, John Petersik over at Young House Love. (At least that’s who everyone on the web points to when mentioning “Aquatober”) I think it’s a pretty awesome idea…

“31 days of drinking nothing but water in an attempt to reset my body from all of the sugar, caffeine and other junk that I drink the rest of the year”

It’s just 31 days, and we love a good challenge at our house so I’m gonna give this a crack! Who knows, maybe it’ll stick?!

I am, however, going to ceremoniously drink tea and soda up until the stroke of midnight on October 1st!


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