After turning 31 last week, I realized that I’m probably more than 1/3 of the way “done.” (You know what I mean, don’t make me get all dark about it!)

But I realized that I’ve always talked about all the things that I want to see and do in my life, but I have never really thought about it in great detail. So since the Bucket List has been on TV about 7 time in the past few weeks, I thought maybe I’d take a stab at my own! After writing 3 massive posts in the past few weeks, I figure it’d also be a nice change to post something sort of short-ish. I’m sure by the time I get done typing this post, it will be 3,000+ words like the previous 3. Sigh.

Maybe writing shorter posts should be on my Bucket List?

I included my top 50, in no particular order. Because, well… I’m really indecisive and I really want to do everything on this list, so it doesn’t really matter in which order they get done, right? I also included things that were previously on my “mental” list, that I have completed, because I thought they were cool.

Without further ado…

The Unhipdotcom Bucket List

  1. Swim with Dolphins
  2. Get a tattoo
  3. See the northern lights
  4. Go Scuba Diving
  5. Visit the Grand Canyon
  6. Buy a House
  7. Go Parasailing
  8. Fall in Love
  9. Visit Australia
  10. Visit Hawaii
  11. Visit all 50 US States
  12. Visit Travis’ birthplace – Landstuhl, Germany
  13. Road trip on Route 66
  14. Take Travis to Niagara Falls
  15. Be a part of a Flashmob
  16. Stay in an over-water bungalow in Bora Bora
  17. Visit Yellowstone National Park
  18. Swim in a hot spring
  19. Drive a motorcycle (with a license) MARKED OFF MARCH 2016!
  20. Deep sea fishing
  21. Snowboard in Colorado
  22. Own a beach house
  23. Build a tree house

    I’m sure with the help of my sisters, we could accomplish this, no?
  24. Surf
  25. See wild ponies
  26. Learn to play an instrument
  27. Canoe the Boundary Waters in Minnesota

    My family did this several times before I was born, including once when my mom was 6 months pregnant with me! (Go mom!) I’ve always wished I could have gone… like outside of the womb. Cause you know, everyone wants to poop on a rock and bury it.
  28. Visit Amsterdam
  29. Fly 1st Class
  30. Send a message in a bottle
  31. Swim under a waterfall
  32. Breathe Fire
  33. Pet a “big cat” (My cat doesn’t count. A lion, tiger, etc)
  34. Feed an elephant a peanut
  35. Learn to speak another language
  36. Visit Ireland
  37. Visit New Orleans
  38. Have my palm read
  39. Take a real mud bath
  40. Catch and eat fish/seafood the same day
  41. Make my own wine
  42. Drink milk from a fresh coconut
  43. Dance on a Bar
  44. Go to a paint party
  45. Go Paintballing
  46. Drive a 1972 Chevelle – But I’ll settle for a 1970 Chevy Nova or a 1969 Dodge Charger

    The latter two so I can pretend to be Stuntman Mike in my favorite flick Death Proof.
  47. Race a car at a drag strip (see previous)
  48. Sleep in a Haunted House/hotel/location
  49. Cliff dive
  50. Swim in a Mexican Cenote

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