Hi, I’m Cassi, I am a Graphic Designer and although I’ve been posting here for several years, I still consider myself a blog noob! I am going to be real honest here… I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing here! (I’m not entirely sure how to blog, is this how this works?!) Like any good real road trip, it’s about the journey and not just the destination, right?! I’m hoping to maybe figure this all out along the way all while keeping it real!

Between the crumpled mess of pages here, you’ll find there’s also lots of cooking, traveling, DIY madness and some random stories thrown in for good measure! This blog is like the Heinz 57 of blogs! It’s my spin on a sort-of Diary to keep and look back on all the fun we had in the early years of owning our first home and marriage all while learning what it’s like to be 30-somethings!


Being on the back of a motorcycle, music, fishing, camping and general outdoorsiness. I love my city life, but enjoy going back home to the country with my kin-folk every now and again. I’ve learned Jameson is my drink, and I like to enjoy some over fantastic conversation around a fire or on my back porch with good friends or family!

Want to drop me a line? Contact me here:


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